Free Michael Clark - an innocent man serving LWOP
This is some of the artwork Mike has worked on while in prison. While working with other artists he has been able to produce this outstanding art, much of which is devoted to his family. Many people in prison, sadly just wallow away their time in prison not really getting involved in anything, but Mike has taken the time to make his stay in prison worthwhile as shown in this talented art. Hard to believe a person with this talent and compassion could have been convicted of murder. 
 Here is a brief explanation of some of these pieces of art..
  • The dream catcher is something that Mike made for his family when Mike's son Kiernan went through a period of nightmares when all of this dreadful wrongful conviction began.
  • Kiernan is called "Kier bear" thus the bears to represent him.
  • Shamrocks is Mike's favorite thing to draw. He has a small shamrock tattoo on his shoulder that he designed when he was younger
  • The dogs are Mike & Amy's two "first babies".  Jasper and Sampson, they both took the loss of Mike hard. Sampson died last year. Jasper still runs to the window when he hears Mike's old jeep drive by. He sold it to a neighbor before he was arrested.
  • The hats Mike made last winter when winter was getting really cold.
  • Daughter Mikaela is a voracious reader and went through a phase of loving the Hunger Games, so that explains the picture of her as Catniss Everdeen
  • When Mike left, Kiernan began doing many "man" things at the age of 4. He takes out the trash, fills the car tank with gas, and can grill better than any adult with no help, thus the picture of him as a BBQ chef.
  • The patterns are things that Mike sends on Halloween. He used to be the pumpkin carver, it is not Amy's thing. So he tries to be involved by making patterns.
  • The Super K is another nickname we have for Kiernan.
  • Amy's favorite thing is the detailed directions. (Including little pictures of scissors where she should cut).

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